Most Common Belly Dance Questions

Q. I’m advanced. Where do I find video instruction for my needs?

A. By watching other accomplished dancers

Once you have reached a certain level of belly dance proficiency, your educational maturity is best enhanced by watching other dancers. So, performance videos are your instructional mediums. Collecting and listening to as much music as possible is part of advanced educational development. Cultivating belly dance costumes is another avenue of growth for the advanced dancer.

Delilah of Visionary Belly Dancing has a new instructional release on both DVD and video (much better on DVD), entitled “A Retro Choreography / Fire at the Iao”.

A Retro” offers a downright challenging piece of choreography. It includes instruction on more than 45 steps with transitions. In the “Extras” portion of the DVD you'll find some beautiful commentary which is wonderful for all dancers to hear while watching Delilah, especially for aspiring professional dancers.

If you have a favorite advanced belly dance video, please send me information on it.

If you are an advanced dancer, your resource tools are: videos/DVDs, CDs, the Internet, the library, magazines, yardage and craft stores, and live performances.

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