Most Common Belly Dance Questions

Q. Do belly dancers need a certain look or body type to belly dance?

A. No. Honey, you don’t even need to be a real woman! Belly dancers come in all shapes and colors.

Commercial society too often likes to pen women into a stereotypical modelesque body image, but belly dance is the exception! You can be short, skinny, tall, buxom, zophtig, extra large, gothic white, pitch black or baby pink, blonde, red head, curly or straight. There are serious, athletic, beautiful belly dancers, comedian belly dancers, simple, tribal, stately, spooky belly dancers, elderly and baby belly dancers! You name it — any and all can be belly dancers!

Most belly dancers are women because the underlying connection in the dance is derived from fertility, birth, and the body as a vessel for life, but that doesn’t mean men don’t belly dance, because they can! Yes, men belly dance too!

The moves of this dance and their meanings are a universal expression.What women love about belly dance is the expression of commonality and the celebration of being a woman. We decorate and celebrate breasts, hips and belly. We sculpt the air with our arms and hands and express our feminine emotions! (Come to think of it, that’s what most male belly dancers like about belly dance, too.)

The community of belly dancers affirm:

“I’m proud to be a belly dancer, a woman, a sister, a creatress in all her wide diversity. My story is the story of all belly dancers, body, mind and soul!”

— A quote from Delilah of Visionary Belly Dancing