Most Common Belly Dance Questions

Q. Where do I get a bellydance costume?

A. Make it! Or have it made. Or buy it new.

Make it or have it made

You can make belly dance costumes yourself or have them made by a professional costumer or a seamstress. Costumes aren't difficult, and when one is custom made to fit you, it's the best! There are books, videos, patterns, and articles available on belly dance costumes and if you just use your imagination you can come up with something that works for you.

Buy it new

There are Middle Eastern import stores that get belly dance costumes from Egypt. For example, Lost Treasures located in downtown Seattle. There may be a Middle East import store in your town. Retail belly dance costumes run about $200 to $600 for a beaded bra with a belt and skirt, or for a gown and a veil. There are more expensive costumes, too. Name designer originals sell for over $1,000.

You'll want to try the costume on in the beginning to familiarize yourself with what's available. You will find the most success at the belly dance workshops, shows, concerts and festivals that are sponsored by dancers all over the country. You can find most everything you need new and used at belly dance festivals that host vendors. This is why you want to get connected to classes, teachers and community in your area and subscribe to a belly dance magazine. There are tons of local events, but these are the largest: Rakkasah West held in Oakland, California, in March and Rakkasah East held in New Jersey in the summer; Desert Dance Festival in San Jose, California; Tribal Fest, in Sonoma County, California..

Buy it used online or resell your own.

The Visionary Belly Dancing Web site has a costumes page with a used costume section calledGreat Shakes; Remarkable Costumes with Good Vibrations. This section has pictures and descriptions. You can also use the Visionary Belly Dancing site to resell your own used professional costumes (for details on selling your used professional costumes contact Delilah at ). Among the used costume sites you can find through on-line search engines is Zanbaka's site. In addition to reselling costumes, Zanbaka also does costume redesigns. You might also try auctions on E-Bay.