Future plans

I want to put up a display ad as well as a Classified ad section for dancers to post used costumes and what not. I will charge a minimal fee to off set the time and costs of maintaining this web sight. That will be on the resources page.


Favorite Books:
The Oldest Dance by Zarifa Aradoon (out of print)
Sisters of Salome by Toni Bentley
From Cave to Cult to Cabaret by Jamila Salmipour
Looking for little Egypt by Donna Carlton
Women Called to the Path of Rumi Shakina Reinhertrz
The Belly Dancer in You by Ozel
Grand Mothers Secrets
Tribal Bible by Kajira Dijoumahna
Serpent of the Nile by Wendy Buonaventura
Alphabet Verses the Goddess by Leonard Shlain
Wall Chart of World History by Deacon and Co.
While I have access to a lot of books I really must admit I have used mostly internet resources on this project.
Many of the web sites are linked through out these pages
plus many others in and out of belly dance world to double validate information.
These sites are too numerous to mention but as you journey on to the internet I’m sure you’ll find them. Exploring has been an enjoyable part of the adventure of the art of belly dance.

More resources
• Another resource has been CD and record liner notes
• Tons of Belly Dance Magazines

• Conversations with dancers, and people who have been, and continue to be supportive by way of writing, proof reading, smiling and offering and technical information and lattes.
Mr Harding Instructor, Corinne major technical designer, Delilah major advisor,
Samia, Gazel, Lulu, Gulich, Kristina, Aunt Alice, Steve, Laura Rose, Vic, David, Carver, Kitty, Prince, Treb, Mike, Wendy, Pine, Liz

Wish list:
I want to buy a used set of the International Encyclopedia of Dance Edited By Selma Jean Cohen

Yours truly,