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What about the Power Belly belly dance weight belts, or is it correctly called a weighted belt?
— submitted by Sondra

Thanks Sondra,

The term is confusing for search engines. Weight lifters use leather support belts they call weight belts to provide added support to lower back . This is different from my POWER BELLY WEIGHT BELTS that are indeed weighted belts.

Sizes are:
S = 8 lb. M = 10 lb. L=12 lb., XL = 14 lb. XXL =15 lb.
Power Belly belly dance weight belts

Power Belly™ is the name of my belts. You can go to this page and you will see a short video about them (www.visionarydance.com/weightbelt.html) or read on and I'll explain.

The idea behind the belts is to increase the challenge to all your movements; thereby increasing core body strength and improving cardiovascular heart rate, strength, grace and endurance. Two additional benefits are:

  1. they help to build bone density that we as women need to be very concerned with
  2. they help to loose inches and fat which many of us as women are constantly battling

Personal note: I donít know what I would do without my weight belt at this point in my life. At 45 my metabolism has shifted and the pounds are starting to find me, even though I eat a very healthy diet and teach and exercise all the time. The weight belts keep me at a constant weight. I have never been so passionate about a product.

My students absolutely LOVE their belts. They are so dedicated that they come to class 2-3 times a week wearing them! They are gah-gah about the belts.

PHILOSOPHY behind the belts
Weighted belts are also a symbol for womenís empowerment. They teach women they have lower body strength which gives them a new sense of pride in themselves as a female. The logo is a stylized Uterus and Ovaries. The belt promotes beauty. And they are soft and feminine rather than jock like. We have fancy ones as well as the standard belts. Go to this page www.visionarydance.com/weightbelt.html and you will see a short video about them.

— Delilah

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