Most Common Belly Dance Questions

Q. How do I find a good teacher and class?

A. Try your local phone book or the Internet.

To locate a belly dance instructor you can look in the phone book under D for dance, and then more specifically, under belly dance. However, you may have to call around since many teachers are based out of fitness clubs, recreation centers and YWCAs rather than private studios. And don't overlook the Internet which is often the best search tool for instruction information. To find a local belly dance site on the Internet use a search engine by entering "belly dancing" and the name of the nearest big city. Then, e-mail the owners of the belly dance sites you find and ask if they know of an instructor near you. You can also get on a chat line, such as Bhuz.com and ask for assistance.

You may need to try more than one place to find the class and teacher that fits your personality.Know that not all classes are the same. Once you do find one that suits you, it's a lot of fun. You will grow as a dancer and can make good friends. Finding an instructor who works well with you is the first step but I advise you to continue to experience different instructors so your style will develop fully. You don't want to become a photo copy of any one instructor’s style. Know there is a lot of diversity out there and take advantage of it to bring out the best of the belly dancer in you.