Most Common Belly Dance Questions

1.Can anyone learn to belly dance? What are the benefits?

2. Do belly dancers need a certain look or body type to belly dance?

3. Do I have to begin belly dance at an early age?

4. How long will it take me to learn to belly dance?

5. How can I begin belly dancing? What do I need? How much will it cost?

6. Can I really learn to bellydance from a video or DVD?

7. Will I need to take classes in addition to video instruction?

8. How do I find a good teacher and a class?

9. What is the difference in the cost of various bellydance videos and DVDs.
Example: A $19.95 disc or tape versus a $49.95 one.

10. What else will I need to get started?

11. What’s a normal refund policy on products in the belly dance industry?

12. Can I find resources on bellydance in the library?

13. Is bellydancing considered cardiovascular or aerobic?

14. Where do I get a bellydance costume?

15. Where can I perform bellydance?

16. Where can I watch belly dancing performances?

17. How can I dispell the hoochi coochi image of belly dance to my best friends and family

18. I’m advanced. Where do I find video instruction for my needs?

19. How do I know what level I’m at as a belly dancer?

20. When should a dancer start performing?

21. When should a dancer start teaching belly dance?

22. How do you spell b-e-l-l-y-d-a-n-c-e? Main Page

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