Most Common Belly Dance Questions

Q. What else will I need to get started in class?

A. Here’s a list:


You'll need to start with a CD that has the basic discernible belly dance rhythms: Recordings such as Tales of the Night Wind by Steven Flynn, or Rhythm of the Dance by Solace, or 25 Essential Rhythms by Sirocco (great for those learning to drum as well). Part of the journey through belly dance is music appreciation, and you will want to begin to build a music library. Treat yourself to something new regularly.

A coin or beaded hip scarf to wrap around your hips

Your hips are going to become like a percussion instrument. The coins and beads add sound, weight, glitz and movement to your hips.

A bra top

A sports bra for practice will do at first, but you may want to make a bra top with coins or beads to get a better sense of the movements of the dance. Visit L.Rose Designs.

For leotards, body stockings and costume supplies, visit Sugar Petals.

A weight belt

This concept was introduced by Delilah. A weight belt helps to strengthen your muscles, loose weight and speed up the learning curve when learning hip lifts and drops, and all other patterns and combinations.

A skirt or a Baladi dress

A circle skirt can be made or often found in thrift stores. They are fun to turn and spin in. Or you could make and wear harem pants, a sarong, or just tights to practice in. If you like your belly covered you can wear tights or a floor length shift called a Baladi dress which you wear with a hip scarf over the top.

A piece of fabric known as a veil

Go to the yardage store and buy 3 yards of a beautiful sheer piece of fabric and hem the edge with a small 1/4 inch hem. Do not put trim on it. You want it to be light.

Finger Cymbals (AKA zills)

You do not have to play zills in the dance but it's fun. An acceptable starter set costs about $10-$16, a nice set is $40-$70 . Since the cost difference is small, while the difference in sound quality is huge, you are well advised to just spring for a nice set to begin with. The satisfaction will be worth it.

And a navel jewel for fun, available at craft and costume stores. Use a product called spirit gum to adhere it.

For videos, DVDs, weight belts, coin hip scarfs, music and more, see Belly Dancing with Delilah.