Most Common Belly Dance Questions

Q. Can anyone learn to belly dance? What are the benefits?

A. Yes, anyone can learn and enjoy belly dance!

Women take up the art of belly dancing for an assortment of different reasons and benefits:

  • Exercise and dance;
  • A fun hobby that nurtures self expression, celebration, fantasy and feeling pretty;
  • Community and sisterhood;
  • Cultural involvement;
  • Balance of the yin when a career demands a lot of yang energy!;
  • Physical and psychological therapy for reclaiming self esteem and for healing on many levels;
  • A professional career which eventually includes performing and teaching.

Interested students should consider their expectations and set personal goals. There are numerous styles and approaches to belly dance that are governed by your personal taste, ambition, talent, physical ability, and dedication to practice. Belly dance offers so many different levels of involvement. Look out! It can become very addicting!

Dancers say:

  • “I love the beautiful costumes.”
  • “I love how I feel when I’m belly dancing.”
  • “I love the control I learn to have over my body and how I stay fit.”
  • “I love to play with make up and costumes and transform my personality.”
  • “I love the music.”
  • “I love all things Egyptian, Turkish, Tribal . . .”
  • “I love the ancient cultural history.”
  • “I love belly dance because it’s exotic!”
  • “I love the feminine connection I make with myself.”
  • “I love the mystical feminine components of belly dance.”
  • “I love how it opens me up!”
  • “I love to belly dance to rock and roll.”
  • “I love learning about other cultures and making friends with other women.”
  • “I love how I have developed as a multi-faceted artist.”
  • “I love how I can share all this beauty with others!”
  • “I love belly dancing!”
  • Oh yes and men can belly dance too!