Most Common Belly Dance Questions

Q. Can I really learn to bellydance from a video or DVD?

A. Yes! Home video instruction is a fabulous way to learn belly dancing.

You can't learn to belly dance well, however, from only one video program because the subject is so vast. There is much more to belly dancing than can be covered in one program. Video and DVD instruction is a great improvement on the books-only option to live classroom experience, which was all that was available to belly dance students up until the 1980s. Previously, many women captivated by the mystique of belly dance through performances in ethnic night clubs or in the Middle East resorted to teaching them selves by just making up moves as they went.

In the last 30 years the art of belly dance has developed into a sophisticated science on how to hold your body in basic alignment. This really can't be understood without visual teaching. Fortunately for the modern student, there are now videos (and even better DVDs) from hundreds of instructors. Belly dancing seems to lead the parade in special interest video instruction. The video industry has raised the bar on the caliber of dancers in the field because of the wider dissemination of techniques, the sharing of inspiration, and, especially, the increased learning opportunities which the video medium affords the individual student.

Through videos and DVDs you can study, experience, and enjoy a wide variety of styles and many creative and precise approaches to the dance and instruction. Of course, it’s nice to be able to do this privately, or with friends, in your own home, on your own time schedule. Another great feature of video instruction is that you learn at your own pace as you rewind, fast forward, or slow down the moves and watch it over and over again!

If you find you love belly dance, you will soon want to start a video library. Then you can workout with a different instructor every day of the week! Can't do that with the live belly dance instructor. Spend $50 on a program and you can learn as quickly as you like and as much as you would in months of classes at $7 to $15 per class. And better yet, you can go back to review those belly dancing techniques again and again. What a bargain!

Delilah’s Story:

I used to say you could learn to belly dance by video only if you got up off the couch. But I may be wrong about that. Consider this: I employ video editors who spend hours sitting in small cramped rooms watching the same moves and steps over and over again at close range on a monitor. Sometimes these non-dancers have emerged from the studios doing perfect figure eights and hip combinations — often better than my students who only take classes. Studies have shown that professional athletes can improve technique just by repeatedly visualizing the movements. The same is true with belly dance. Watching the repetitive dance movements on the video for a length of time seems to put it directly into one's muscle memory.
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