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I love belly dancing! I'm a perpetual dance student in the local Seattle dance scene, but I dance only for my own satisfaction. I don't teach or perform. Belly dancing is how I kept my sanity while finishing law school. I have studied primarily with Delilah, and have taken workshops with many local dancers and others who comes through town. I love my belly dance instructional videos and DVDs as well as concert performances. My favorite dancers are: Delilah, Dalia Carella, Elizabeth Denis, Sabura, Shoshana, Eva Cernik, Dunia, Jillina, Dondi, Amel Tafsoot, Z Helene and Shakira, the singer. (Oh, I really love all belly dancers!) I built this site while I was taking a class on Web site design and hope I can offer it as a contribution to the dance community. I read alot of books, web sites, had alot of discussions, interviews and phone conversations with dancers. I asked lots of questions of dancers teachers, producers and professionals in the industry to form my list of questions. Delilah, of Visionary Belly Dancing, was a huge help to me in starting this project. Regardless of the help I have received, I am solely responsible for the content of this site. If any of you have information I may have overlooked, notice inaccuracies, or have other input, please let me know. I hope you find the site useful and I would gladly post any articles dancers care to send me. I’m just getting started!

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