Delilah's Belly Dance Weight Belts

Ever wonder what makes Delilah such a strong dancer? Here’s Delilah’s training secret... adding an 8-12 pound weight belt to your hips while you practice new moves or do your daily workout improves core body strength, balance, and endurance.

This technique is for the beginner, hobbyist, or professional dancer or instructor. It speeds up the time it takes to learn a new hip move. The subtle extra weight makes you work a little harder; when you remove the weight belt, the muscle memory is there and your hips move like greased lighting! It’s a great warm up device before a show or contest.

A weight belt is indispensable for every dancer’s health, as it also builds valuable bone density to counter osteoporosis. It strengthens the back and abdominal and relieves back ache.

The weight belts are soft, feminine, washable, and the weights are removable. The belts are great for wearing while practicing many other activities.