Most Common Belly Dance Questions

Q. Is bellydancing considered cardiovascular or aerobic?
(See your Doctor before starting any new exercise program.)

A. Yes! . . .with the correct approach.

You can treat belly dance as a cardiovascular routine by selecting the right music and duration of time for a routine and remembering to use your arms and hands up, and above the heart, enough to get your heart rate up.

Heart rate chart: http://www.heartmonitors.com/heart_rate_chart.htm

Work out

Start with 7-10 minutes of slow warm up music then gradually build to a medium baladi pace for the next 10 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of bolero-paced veilwork, making sure you reach up and out with your arms in well-paced gestures. Then move on to faster shimmies and a drum solo for 10 minutes. Flow into a medium cool down, followed by a slow cheftitelli for floor work gymnastics and counter stretches of 10-15 minutes.

Need some music? See Belly Dance Music from Visionary Belly Dancing.

A low impact approach to a belly dance workout is one in which a dancer keeps at least one foot on the ground at all times and omits any hopping or jumping moves.

For a higher impact approach, increase your workout by adding 9/8 hopping steps, dips, turns and some exuberant Middle East or Greek folk dance steps into the middle of your workout.

Two good sites for calculating your desired heart rate and proper weight:

Also see Belly Dancing with Weightbelts for Optimal Fitness!

http://www.psychiatrix.com/contents.htm which features a calculator